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Within 1 business day, your personal CPA or IRS Enrolled Agent will contact you to answer your questions and explain the process.


We will contact the IRS and get the ball rolling immediately to stop collections. We’ll secure and review all necessary documents and formulate a game plan to bring you to compliance.

Tax Compliance

We’ll make sure your tax returns are accurate and utilize all possible deductions to your benefit. You might be surprised to learn you owe less than you thought!


We’ll do everything we can to secure the lowest tax liability possible, and then we’ll set you up with an affordable payment option that both you and the government will be happy with.

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We'll Get Your Case Settled

With EA Tax Resolutions, you get the best of both worlds: the personalized attention and grit of a small team, with the experience and know-how of a large CPA firm.

Our tax experts are IRS Enrolled Agents. Enrolled Agents are authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Enrolled Agent is the highest credential awarded by the IRS. We are licensed to practice in all 50 states.


The tax resolution industry can be very scammy. Dealing with the IRS is scary — you don’t need the added stress of wondering if your tax professional is ripping you off too.


You’ll only deal with an IRS Enrolled Agent — no sales reps. We act fast to get your case settled as quickly as possible, with no unnecessary down time or hidden fees.


We have experience working directly with and for the IRS, so we know how to navigate that maze. We specialize in back taxes and negotiating settlements, with a very impressive track record.

Bolt A.

“My grandfather once told me, "... one of the biggest challenges you will have in your life will be surrounding yourself with good people ...". We all need a good friend, a good lawyer, a good mechanic, a good doctor, and a good tax pro.
Anthony Fontana is good people and a great tax consultant! He is especially talented with all things State & Federal taxes - a genius when it comes to tax strategy! We endorse him with 5-stars!”

Darin H

“I had a serious issue with back taxes and unfiled tax returns. I owed over $35,000 to the IRS. EA Tax Resolutions came to my rescue. They contacted the IRS for me and I received a much better resolution than I had originally expected. The problem was solved in just over a month compared to the other tax resolution companies that take a year or more, and for over a thousand dollars less than the other guys. My personal consultant, Ebony, handled everything for me and had the right answers to all of my questions. EA Tax Resolutions is very knowledgeable and professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing help with any tax issues.”

Shahar M.

“I watch on YouTube and I saw Antonio and I say this guy is shark after I spoke with few different people I choose to work with him I was audit from 2015 -2019 the want 310k Antonio succeed to close that for me 9k basically save my life and give me new beginning in my life thank you so much (Shahar)”

Joshua L

“Ebony’s tax knowledge was bested only by her expedite punctuality on getting my money to me (I couldn’t believe how quick it came in). Once I compared her services to my previous experiences with H&R Block, I knew that day moving forward I would personally choose Ebony as my Tax Specialist… She has the brilliance, the tenacity of 10 commercially corporate Agents in 1, and she doesn’t short change you. She is a exemplary professional who reflects her company’s standards with grace and integrity. I recommend you choose her for consultation as well as your personal Tax Agent. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.”

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