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What Essential Questions To Ask When Hiring A Tax Preparer

By December 13, 2018 No Comments

If tax preparation is not your specialty, it is highly advised you don’t do it on your own.

Fortunately, a professional tax preparer can be hired to handle your business’ tax preparation. Asking questions is always a great way to get a feel of the person you are hiring as well as increase your knowledge on the subject.

But, what questions should you ask besides “how much?” If you too have been haunted by such a question, this article will be your solution.

Below are some important questions that you should ask a professional tax preparation service before you actually hire them:

  1. Can You Show The ‘Preparer Tax Identification Number’ (PTIN)?

A tax preparation agency which prepares federal tax should always possess a valid PTIN. If they fail to provide this, you cannot consider them a legitimate support.

  1. Are You An Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled agents can represent the taxpayers before IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Such a status is deemed the highest credential awarded by the organization.

EAs are also required to get their present credentials renewed after a fixed tenure.

  1. What Kind Of Tax Returns Have You Prepared Before?

Many businesses hire tax preparers and it is obvious that not one size fits all.

Getting information about the previous clients they have worked with and services they have performed will give you a better view on what you can expect from them.

If possible, it is always a great idea to ask for references.

  1. Are You Acquainted With My State’s Requirement For Tax Return Preparation?

Federal tax returns are similar in every small locality but what about the state and local tax return regulations? You may not have an idea about this but there could be some strange tax policies which are not easy to understand.

Get to know what your state or locality demands from the business in terms of taxes.

  1. What Kind Of Documents And Records Do I Need To Provide?

You need to get an idea about the kind of documents and business records that you need to provide to the tax preparers.,/p>

  1. What Is The Basis Of Fee That You Incur?

Instead of asking for a fixed rate for their services, try to get an idea of the method behind how they choose the number they charge.

If they have special packages, it is essential to know this well in advance.

  1. Do You Use Any Technological Methods For Tax Filing?

In today’s world, the individual or business tax returns are prepared electronically. Get to know the methods they use for the process.

  1. When Do I Receive A Copy Of Return?

You should receive a copy of your returns within a stipulated period of time after the appointment. If they deny, you are not in the right hands.

  1. What If I Face Troubles After The Tax Has Been Filed?

Your tax preparer should be ready to handle all your questions and resolve any troubles even after their job is done.

  1. How To Deal With An Audit?

Nobody really thinks about audits when filing the returns. However, there’s always chance that you’ll have to face one.

Ask your tax preparation service agency about how to respond to these without experiencing any troubles.

Just as it is important to prepare tax returns, it is also essential to get it through quality tax preparation services.

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