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Tax Documents needed for Homeowners

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As a homeowner you will want to be sure maximize your tax deduction, here is a list of the documents you will need to prepare your tax return as a homeowner. 1. 1098-Mortgage Interest Statement 2. Real Estate Tax Receipts 3. DMV Registration Bill 4. Charitable contribution receipts. 5. W2s…

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Tax Tips: Uber and Lyft Drivers

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Driving for Uber or Lyft has the benefits of being self-employed, however it also comes along with the responsibilities of owning your own business. The IRS treats Uber and Lyft drivers as businesses which then has separate filing requirements when it comes to tax. Unlike employees and wage earners who…

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What is a Tax Resolution company?

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A Tax Resolution company is a tax business that specializes in resolving back tax debts for individuals or businesses with the IRS and State. Unlike your normal tax offices like H&R Block or CPAs who only deal with current year tax returns, Tax Resolution companies file back tax returns and…

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