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How IRS-Enrolled Agents Offer Better Tax-Preparation Services

By November 1, 2018 No Comments
Tax-Preparation Services

When looking to outsource their tax preparation, many businesses are still dependent on CPAs or Certified Public Accountants.

However, with changing trends and in order to obtain better benefits, Enrolled Agents (EA) are slowly turning to be a popular choice among startups, small businesses and even full-fledged organizations.

Let us discuss how Enrolled Agents have an edge over CPAs in your region:

Why Enrolled Agents Over Certified Accountants:

Both enrolled agents and certified public accountants enjoy almost similar status and offer services such as tax return preparation, business audits, and bookkeeping assistance etc.

However, due to ever upgrading technological innovations and high education requirements, enrolled agents can offer two very clear benefits:

  • Equally effective services in all states
  • Representing businesses before IRS, in case of an audit

Other Advantages Of Enrolled Agents:

As we mentioned before, an IRS enrolled agent is always a better assistance over certified professionals, and here are the top reasons:

  • No Geographical Restrains:

As aforementioned, enrolled agents are free to practice and prepare tax returns in every state. CPAs, however, are restricted to practice only in states for which they are licensed.

So if a business needs to file tax returns from more than one state, CPAs may not be able to help.

  • Cost Advantages:

CPAs normally charge hourly rates and if you are a startup or a small business, you can end up paying a significant amount in tax return preparations.

However, enrolled agents normally charge a flat rate, customized all according to the business and its needs.

No wonder, they could be far cheaper for almost any kind of business.

  • The Number Of CPAs:

The number of CPAs is restricted and they find themselves burdened with lots of individuals and new businesses consulting them every single day. It’s no wonder, they charge a heavy price for the service.

Against this, EAs are easily available and can offer you the most desired services at lower prices.

  • Federal Tax Code Assistance:

Enrolled agents generally have an expert insight of the federal tax code. This could either be due to their direct working experience in IRS or accredited by the USDT (US Department of Treasury).

This means, they are potentially better than CPAs in assisting with your tax needs.

  • Functionality:

EAs could be your one-stop-assistance in any kind of tax preparation, IRS audit, and financial services that you obtain.

  • They Could Be IRS Agents:

Many enrolled agents have actually been a part of the IRS in their past and this can actually smoothen your way, when you need any kind of tax preparation or financial assistance.

Thus, IRS enrolled agents do always hold an upper hand over certified public accountants and could serve you better at a better rate.

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